Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your site is hosted on our domain which is absolutely free and url looks like this. Eg www.tradetab/yourcompanynname.

Our free version is absolutely free and will always be free and there are many other additional free features that you can avail too. There are no absolutely no hidden charges however you may purchase premium modules, top up boosters or buy our services to spice up your page or your marketing. at anytime.

You must buy your domain and pay for it separately and this is only available in our premium module called website builder.

Yes this is an add on feature and is available in the website builder plan.

No, the hosting is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything extra. However for extra storage you would need to top up your storage

You can create your website in less than 5 mins. We have in-built elements that don’t make your page look incomplete and help you get started instantly.

Your page is already seo optimized but by tagging more keywords to your page and keep updating content via posts, you can rank your page higher in searches. However if you want to get faster results then we suggest to use our dedicated SEO service which has both one time and booster plans. You can check these out within your dashboard.

No, currently we have one set template with multiple colour options, with over 20 different sections that you can select from of which some are free and some are paid. Soon we will be launching different templates for different industries and sectors also. View our standard template here

We do have a module called online shop that you need to purchase separately. This includes both b2c and b2b options too.

Our core strength is building websites for different kinds of information which includes blogs however may not be ideal for the core purpose of blogging.