E Catalog or Digital Catalogue

Built for B2B businesses with the look of an e-catalog and features of an e-commerce store

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Digital catalogs are the perfect way to showcase products to your distributors, dealers or retailers. The transition from traditional catalogs to e-catalogs took almost a decade however today everyone is looking towards digital technologies to showcase their entire range of products for a host of reasons explained below. The tradetab online platform is a perfect blend of e-catalog and e-commerce platforms and allows you to create your own digital catalogues in various formats and is constructed specifically for B2B businesses to help them build and scale.

Give your dealers and distributors 24 x 7 access to be able to place orders at anytime

Dealers & distributors can now view your store at anytime, check stock availability and place orders with a click of a button. B2B customers are busy during the day and often want to place orders or enquires outside office hours and an eshop gives them sheer convenience resulting in incremental growth in just a short span of time.

Always keep your e-catalogues updated with latest products, promotions and prices

Updating physical or e catalogues and price lists is a cumbersome job and can be time consuming however using digital catalogues you can do this almost instantly. Promotions, products and prices are ever changing and must be passed on to customers without any time lags to help you get results quickly.

Create white labeled stores for your dealers and distributors to boost their sales

Providing tools to your dealers and customers to help them sell better can be a game changer for your business. This will not just help you increase your sales with your distributors but also help build a brand with end users further boosting your sales.

Get enquiries, send quotations, create invoices all on one single platform

You can now get enquiries, assign them, forward them, create quotations, negotiate prices, get confirmations, create invoices and even send reminders to follow up on each and every step on all one single platform. A single seamless solution for the entire process is the need of the hour and not just increases your overall efficiency but also results in better sales.

Get the look of a flip book or e-catalog and features of an ecommerce store

The all new flip book feature provides an enhanced browsing experience for customers that can now have the same experience as a physical catalogue with all the features of a digital store. This surely improves the overall experience for your dealers and their customers.

Get reviews from end users and use feedback to improve your offerings

Getting feedback from end users for your products is priceless and not just helps you in getting constructive feedback for improvement but also helps build confidence across their entire supply chain and spreads the word like wildfire.

Build a market place for your segment by adding complementary products

If you want to expand beyond your product range to further add value to your customers then you are essentially building a marketplace in your respective category. On tradetab you can easily do this by finding the right suppliers, connecting with them digitally and giving them all the tools to add and manage products and much more.

Advertise to end users and generate more sales for your dealers and distributors

To build a brand when selling via a distribution network is not easy and you must advertise to the right audience that transforms directly into sales for your dealers and distributors. By digitising your supply chain you can easily target the right audience and get the right return on your ad spend.