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Step 1

Click on the get started button to register on tradetab. The entire process will just take a few minutes and your page will be created instantly.

Step 2

Fill in a few details about you and your business, confirm your email or mobile number and refer us to your friends and family to earn premium features.

Step 3

Once the registration is done you will be redirected to the backend from where you can start designing and adding content to your page.

Inbuilt SEO to help you generate leads instantly

The most important objective of a website is to generate traffic so your website must have the right google presence to generate leads that are relevant for your business. Our unique module works on different aspects of your on page and off page SEO so you rank high in google searches. On tradetab you can search different types of keywords, tag them to your website, track your google rankings, analyse your site traffic, keep your page updated and much more.

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Made in India specifically with the Indian SMB segment (Small & Medium Businesses) in mind to solve all their pain points in regards to website building and more.

Integrated to help you build & scale

Building a website is one of the first steps to marketing a business but eventually you would need a lot more features and tools to build and scale your business. On tradetab you can upgrade at any time to access many new features and tools that are added on the platform from time to time. With everything integrated to each other, the platform not just helps provide an incredible user experience but also makes it extremely simple to manage everything.

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Everything you need in a single template

We know the science of building goal oriented websites and this is the reason we have built an innovative template that works and that is ideal for most business sectors be it education, health care or finance. Whether you are a b2b or a b2c business, a manufacturer or a retailer, or into products or services, this template works for all.

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Key Features


Keyword Searches

Searching the right keywords is a science and an art too and we help you with just that by giving you the most advanced tools to analyse keywords from amazon to google shopping and more.

Keywords tags

Once you have chosen your best keywords you can instantly tag them to different sections on your page or tag them with your weekly posts or your product pages.

Google Indexing

Get your page instantly indexed on google so people can find you easily when they search your company or brand name on search engines.

SEO Optimized

Update title tags, meta descriptions, header tags etc easily via the platform along with inbuilt content and image optimization, faster loading times and much more.

Advanced SEO

Do your own SEO using simple tools and strategies to get you high up in google searches to generate organic leads


Track your keyword rankings on google via our monthly reports sent directly to your phone and know which keywords are getting the most traction


Know more about the traffic hitting your page, from sources to geography to what's most popular on your site via weekly reports sent directly to your phone.

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Call to action triggers

Use multiple triggers ie “Sign up” form, “Write to us” & “Subscribe to our newsletter” to get contact information of potential leads.

Dynamic Sign up forms

Add a pop-up to show a promotion or ask crisp questions to get more from the traffic that hits your page

Dynamic Reviews

Show authentic reviews that you would like to showcase on your website and get more reviews by sending them links and reminders.

Mobile Optimized

Make your page look impressive and easily navigable on every mobile with quick loading times, burger menus and one tap buttons for calls, emails and navigation.

SEO posts

Perfect way to keep updating content on your website just like you do on social media platforms however these show on google that too on relevant keyword searches and hence have a much longer life.

Key Facts Ticker

Show authentic information related to your business based on traction you receive on your page, app or crm.

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Engagement Bar

Let your visitors add valuable content for your website, get you more referrals and much more using tabs such as ‘Love’ ideal for new customers and ‘Review’, ‘Recommend’ & primarily for existing customers.

Social Bar

Multiple tabs to help you get viral such as ‘share on facebook’, ‘like’ on facebook, ‘share on linkedin’, ‘share via whatsapp’, along with 'follow on tradetab’ tab to help them follow you on your very own private social network.

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Galleries and Pictures

Show a snippet of your galleries or pictures on your home page with detailed pages to showcase all on a single page.

Events & Promotions Bar

Show events or promotions with start & end dates that automatically disappear once the end date has passed making sure your page doesn’t show outdated content.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Show all your frequently asked questions to further educate visitors so all their queries are resolved in regards to your product or service.


Showcase your team along with their credentials to build confidence and credibility for your users.

Google Maps

Integrate your location with google maps so that visitors can get to you easily with a simple click ideal for location based businesses.

External Page Links

Showcase links to all your websites, social media & market place pages (Eg. Just dial, Alibaba, Indiamart etc) to build credibility for your business and give users the option to follow you on a platform of their choice.

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Why have a website in 2022?

Online presence is vital today

Today most search online be it customers, suppliers, employees, partners, collaborators etc to know more about your business so its vital to have a strong online.

Value for money

In terms of cost benefit analysis, your website ranks the highest amidst all your marketing tools as it can give phenomenal results with very little investment.

24/7 Visibility

Today consumers search round the clock so hence 24/7 visibility is absolutely key so customers or leads can find you at anytime giving you maximum coverage possible.

Build credibility & perception

Your website is one of the best tools to build consumer confidence that you can monitor and control and can work wonders in converting leads.

Best source for exclusive and quality leads

Through your website you have a higher chance of converting leads as they are exclusive in comparison to lead generated through marketplaces like just dial, indiamart that get forwarded to multiple companies.

Intent based marketing at its best

Your website is a perfect tool to capture demand as it’s keyword based (be it SEO or Google ads) and works on a pull based marketing strategy in comparison to social media pages that are push based marketing tools and don't appear on relevant searches.

Why choose a website builder ?

Quicker and much faster

With a website builder you can create your website in less than 5 mins and with managed services at tradetab you can complete your site in less than a week.

Say bye to technical issues

On a platform your site is never down, is far more secure, is upto date with the latest technologies and keeps getting better and better with new designs and features.

Change anything at anytime

With a website builder you can change content, images, structure etc at any time.

We are the website experts

We know how to build websites geared towards marketing, conversion and engagement to get you maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your site is hosted on our domain which is absolutely free and url looks like this. Eg www.tradetab/yourcompanynname.

Our free version also known as the website creator is absolutely free and will always be free and there are many other additional free features that you can avail too. There are no absolutely no hidden charges however you may purchase premium modules, top up boosters or buy our services to spice up your page or your marketing at anytime.

You must buy your domain and pay for it separately and this is only available in our silver or gold plans.

Yes this is an add on feature in the website builder module and can be purchased in the silver package.

No, the hosting is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything extra. However for extra storage you would need to buy one of our boosters.

You can create your website in less than 10 mins. We have in-built elements that don’t make your page look incomplete and help you get started instantly.

Your page is already seo optimized but by tagging more keywords to your page and by continuously updating content via posts, you can rank your page higher in searches. However if you want to get faster results then we suggest to use our dedicated SEO service which has both one time and monthly plans. You can check these out within your dashboard.

No, currently we have only one template with multiple colour options. It has over 20 different sections that you can select from, some of which are free and some are paid. Soon we will be launching different templates for different industries and sectors too. View our standard template here

We do have a module called online shop that you need to purchase separately. This includes both b2c and b2b options too.

Our core strength is building websites for different kinds of information which includes blogs however may not be ideal for the core purpose of blogging.